I’ve always been fascinated by physical expression; human or animal. This interest probably borders on the voyeuristic, but allows me to pick up on small eccentricities which translate into all manner of characters.

Born and raised in Lansing, Michigan, one of my earliest memories is sitting in my high chair, drawing. My parents offered the best support they knew how to give: keeping me supplied with newsprint paper, pencils and crayons, and offering praise and encouragement.

My mother saved some of my early efforts. Subject matter included family members (of course), horses (of course, of course), animated vegetables (hey, I LIKED vegetables), religious iconography and endless profiles of bored-looking young women (I’ll spare you).

My greatest mentor and role model was my junior high school art teacher, Mr. Richard Cross. What a cool guy! He drove a little red Corvette and made us feel that art making was an important pursuit. The most remarkable proof of his dedication to us as artists was a gallery he opened in a small town outside of Lansing. He actually believed he could sell our work to the public. I’m sure he showed adult artists’ work as well, but the fact that he included us was precious. Thank you Mr. Cross, wherever you are!

Today, I live and maintain a studio in Portland, Oregon. I share my little Eden with my dear husband (who builds classical guitars) and our rescued terrier-mix, James Bone. Happiness IS a warm puppy.