Deep in Remodel-land with Mark Twain

What better excuse to take a break from blogging (and the rest of my pressing responsibilities) than remodeling the house? It’s a project my husband and I have dreamed of doing for nearly 20 years. Finally we have the funds available (well, enough to start) and have convinced ourselves we have the time. So, while gutting the interior of lath and plaster out to the stud walls what do we find, but some very sweet newspaper pages from The Oregon Sunday Journal, dated November 2, 1924, used as windblocking. I love the “modern” typeface used in the title and there’s a piece announcing the publication of Mark Twain’s autobiography by Harper and Brothers. Interesting in that Twain’s unexpurgated version was finally published in 2010. In a piece from The New York Times last November, bookstore owner Rebecca Fitting is quoted as saying: “He’s surprisingly relevant right now… when you look at how much he wrote and the breadth of subjects he wrote about, you know that if he were alive today, he would totally be a blogger.” Poor Twain… I’m sure he would’ve loved to profit from this best-selling version. It was Twain who remarked “The lack of money is the root of all evil,” and was forced to leave his own home due to lack of finances.

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