There’s always a moment where I don’t want to open the lid. As long as the lid is closed there is no chance for disappointment or failure. Of course there is also no chance for surprise and delight, so fingers crossed, gritting my teeth, open it I do.

Wonder of wonders, everything appears to be okay and I carefully lift each piece and examine. Not counting fingers and toes exactly, but.. after all the hours of work forming the pieces and adding decoration, drying carefully and making it through the bisque fire, adding just enough glaze but not too much, then the glaze firing – you just hope for enough perfection to send them out into the world.

Hooray for success! I’ve got a kiln full of small pieces to show at the at Guardino Gallery‘s group show, “Little Things 13”.

Psst… the Dec/Jan 2014 issue of American Craft magazine has a nice little piece on Portland makers and specifically mentions Guardino and owner Donna Guardino. Kudos!

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