I’m really stuck on these shrews!!













 Science Fact: Male Shrews make terrible fathers.
They wander off after mating – looking for other females.

3 thoughts on “I’m really stuck on these shrews!!

  1. Such dreadful little things those male shrews aren’t they? But they sure are fun to draw 😉
    Just stopped in to say hi and congrats on getting your blog up and running…oh and I love your website! Your work has such a warm, radiant quality and is so full of life!

  2. Hey Susan — I heard a great thing on NPR the other day about the ‘surprising’ fact that most female birds (and I think lots of other animals too) are doing the same thing! Apparently scientists always assumed it was just the boys and that promiscuous females were an anomaly until they started testing the dna of nests full of baby birds and found that they usually had multiple fathers. Ha ha. Makes sense biologically!

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