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 Alexa Mergen interviewed me awhile back about my book Lucky Boy, here in Portland, in my own backyard. United Animal Nations uses Lucky Boy as one of 12 books in their Humane Education Ambassador Reading (HEAR) program. Alexa has moved on to do full time writing (yay Alexa!), but the interview appears in the winter 2009 UAN Journal. UAN is a wonderful organization, protecting animals in danger or in need.


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  1. Hi Susan –

    Thanks so much for posting the article, and for creating the characters of Lucky Boy and Mr. Miller. Lucky Boy truly exemplifies the empathy, compassion and power of the human-animal bond that we strive to convey in the HEAR program. Everyone on the UAN staff loves this book — I don’t think there is ever a dry eye when we read it here in the office!

    Alexis Raymond
    Communications Director
    United Animal Nations

  2. Alexis – I’m always delighted to find that LUCKY BOY has legs and is out there doing good works I never could have imagined. It’s you guys who are our Everyday Heroes, though. Thank you for all the heartfelt and righteous work you do for animals in need.
    Susan Boase

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