Volunteer Time

 A few weeks ago I volunteered to help jury the Oregon Humane Society’s 60th annual “Be Kind to Animals” Poster and Story event. 2009 is my 5th year helping out. As a juror, I have the luxury to sit for hours and read Oregon school-aged kids’ writing and look at their touching artwork. They write with great feeling about how pets impact their lives and vice versa, or they create posters which tell the tale visually.

OHS also organizes and hosts the A’Cat’Emy Awards banquet to honor the winners of the Story/Poster contest. It’s a very special celebration with ice cream, cake and prizes. The kids come with their loved ones and everyone gets gussied up for the event. I’ll be a greeter at the front door of this event and will witness all the excitement firsthand. http://www.oregonhumane.org/