A lesson in friendship…

 Alexa Mergen has written a new article on friendship. With it, she reminds us that the best friendships can be fraught with hardship, but that overcoming these obstacles can teach us the true meaning of friendship. As I grow older I find myself fighting to remain open in so many ways, and sometimes remaining open to those we know and love best is the hardest challenge of all. 

Below is an exerpt from Alexa’s article, entitled, “Admirable Friend”:

“I cannot remember how our quarrel started. The worst fights are like that: they require such an arduous journey through the rocky wasteland of accusations, jealousies, anxieties, impatience, and disappointment that the starting point erases. I remember the yellow walls of the motel room, the TV with no reception, bare light bulbs, and the narrow beds with a small table between them meant to be shared. I remember my eyes, which felt hard as marbles and as cold, and S.’s eyes welled with tears; in nineteen years of friendship I had never seen her cry. I remember S. accusing me of suffering from some childhood trauma as an explanation for my anxiety and I remember growing angrier. Then, suddenly, there was a shift in the room. It was as if we had been breaking boulders in hot sun like the ragged and tired people we saw along the highway. And then it was as if a breeze stalled pick-axes, brought silence.”

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