Are you planning to open up a café? Before you dream of having your own coffee brand and serving them hot or ice-cold in the market, you should first know the basic things around coffee.

Did you know that there are a hundred kinds of coffee? Yet, only a few stand out and become bestsellers to many coffee shops. So if you are a coffee lover and plan on using your enthusiasm as a business opportunity, then this article can be your guide.

This page listed down 12 types of coffee that were ordered frequently by coffee enthusiasts. Want to know how they are being made? Let’s check them all out!

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Cafè Americano

Cafè Americano is made simply by pouring hot water into a shot of espresso. This type has a similar strength to brewed coffee, though obviously, a different flavor.

Fun fact, American soldiers during World War II made this coffee to make their brews last longer. So apparently, the American baristas adopted the beverage after the war.


The espresso, also known as “short black,” is the essential portion of all espresso-based drinks. To make one, shoot a small amount of almost boiling water through finely-ground coffee beans – forcing under pressure, then pour into a tiny mug. It may sound effortless, but honestly, it is challenging to master.

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So if you want the purest coffee experience, grab a little cup of espresso. Although it is not for everyone, this coffee drink can still be your tastiest brew.

Long Black

A long black is almost similar to Americano as it is made by pouring espresso over hot water. Although the former is less voluminous and retains the crema, a brownish foam that forms on the top of the espresso. Hence, a long black is more intensely flavored.

Cafè Latte

Another popular coffee drink, Cafè Latte, is made with steamed milk and a single shot of espresso. Typically, it is quite frothy and very different from a flat white – which is sometimes mistaken as the latter.

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Flat White

A flat white is a coffee drink that consists of espresso with microfoam. Compared to Café Latte, it has a higher ratio of coffee to milk; thus, it is smaller in volume and less frothy. It is popular among dads and moms at school celebrations who are hardly trying to stay awake.


Cappuccino is probably the most known type of coffee in the world. It consists of three layers: a shot of espresso, then a chance of steamed milk, and finally, the barista adds a layer of foamy milk. The last layer can be varied with cream and topped with chocolate powder or cinnamon.

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Macchiato, or sometimes called espresso macchiato, is a shot of espresso with a small amount of foamy milk. The preparation may sound like a cappuccino, but this one is stronger since no steamed milk is added. Also, since its serving is smaller than usual, it is served in an espresso-sized cup.

However, not all coffee lovers prefer a hot drink. Surprisingly, a ready-made iced espresso macchiato served in a can or bottle is becoming a growing trend in the coffee industry, leading to a surge in demand. Fortunately, the coffee beverage industry is supported by several reliable robot manufacturing companies to produce more than needed.


An affogato is a dessert coffee that originated in Italy, which is usually treated during summer. It is composed of a big scoop of vanilla ice cream or gelato drowned with a single or double shot of hot espresso.

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Irish Coffee

Irish coffee is acocktail drink consisting of stirred hot coffee, Irish whiskey, and sugar topped with a thick layer of cream. This beverage is often found in restaurants with bottle decorating ideas if you want to try one. Just a fair warning, even if you’re a coffee enthusiast but not used to drinking alcohol, a coffee solution drunk in whiskey should be taken gradually.


A Vienna coffee drink comprises two shots of strong espresso and whipped cream as a substitute for sugar and milk. This type of coffee beverage yields intense flavors from a straight espresso along with the smoothness of sweet cream.


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Eiscaffee is actually a cold coffee that originated in Germany, where a mixture of coffee and ice cream can quench your thirst and make you feel lively at the same time.


A mocha drink, which originated in Italy, combines espresso with hot milk and added chocolate powder or syrup. If anything, mochaccino is an excellent entry-level coffee, and sometimes, baristas place whipped cream on top. Having a taste of this beverage gives you the sensation of both worlds – living childlike for hot chocolate and feeling adult because of café latte.


And that concludes our list! We hope you enjoyed reading. Getting the right industrial equipment is crucial if you want to pursue a beverage business like a coffee shop. There are plenty of beverage processing equipment in the market that you can check on and see if it matches your needs.

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