24/7 Emergency Dental Care | Dentist in Jersey City, NJ 

 January 2, 2023


You can generally find a dental clinic near you in New Jersey without much trouble. However, the same doesn’t apply when it comes to finding emergency dental care. Most dental clinics only have dentists available during specific office hours. Unfortunately, dental emergencies don’t wait till an hour that’s convenient for you. However, what if you end up with an excruciating toothache and dental bleeding at 2 am?

This is why it’s a good idea to seek out a reliable emergency dentist in your area. The best dental clinics and other dental care providers work with various reputed dentists and can help you find the best one for any dental condition. Most importantly, you should be able to avail of the service at any time, no matter how late at night it might be.

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Why do you need 24 X 7 emergency dental care?

In case you’re fortunate enough to have never faced a dental emergency, it might be a little hard to fathom why you might need immediate dental care. After all, dental emergencies aren’t as dangerous as other, more well-known medical emergencies, right? To be honest, it depends. While they’re rare, some dental emergencies can indeed be life-threatening. These include uncontrolled bleeding and infections that can spread quickly or affect your airway.

Even if your dental emergency isn’t of the life-threatening type, the pain might be impossible to bear. Conditions such as bleeding or swollen gums can also restrict essential activities like eating and drinking. Besides, it doesn’t take long for dental emergencies to aggravate, and you might be facing much costlier treatments if you don’t receive timely dental care.

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With that said, it’s quite clear that 24 X 7 emergency dental care has its purpose. Your regular dental clinic might not be a viable option during dental emergencies at odd hours, leaving you to find other solutions.

Is emergency dental care costly?

In case your dental emergency doesn’t seem to be that urgent, you might hesitate to opt for emergency dental care due to the associated costs. Since an emergency service essentially grants you special privileges like getting an immediate appointment and not having to wait in a queue, it would naturally incur additional costs.

However, the costs vary from one emergency dental care provider to another. Some offer online consultations rather than in-person visits during emergencies, which helps curtail the expenses. Besides, the leading emergency dentistry services are also covered by most of the major insurers. If you have dental insurance coverage, the chances are high that you won’t have to pay out of your pocket.

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5 leading dental care providers in Jersey City

1.   Teledentistry

This online dental care provider offers everything you need during a dental emergency. They can help you book an appointment with an emergency dentist immediately. Since it’s an online appointment, you don’t even need to travel anywhere before receiving the necessary attention.

Once the dentist has checked you out, they will prescribe the medications and treatment. Teledentistry shares your prescription with a medical store near you so that the medicines are ready for you to pick up. Besides, they’ll also refer you to a reputed dentist nearby for follow-ups if necessary. Don’t worry, the online consultations are covered by most insurers, including Medicaid.

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2.   Strong Roots Dental

Strong Roots Dental is a dental clinic in Jersey City that you may visit for almost any dental emergency. This clinic offers same-day appointments for emergencies whenever possible, and performs a variety of dental treatment procedures. Regardless of whether you need dental fillings or root canal treatment, you may continue your recovery process at this dental clinic in the long run.

Strong Roots Dental clinic boasts fairly advanced technology, improving your overall experience. Despite all these perks, one problem remains – you must visit the emergency dentist in person. Depending on how far you live from this dental clinic, it may or may not be a viable option.

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3.   Advanced Dental

This dental clinic is another option for individuals seeking same-day appointments. Advanced dental offers reliable emergency dental care in Jersey City and surrounding cities. The clinic boasts a sophisticated infrastructure with high-end dentistry tools, in addition to its experienced team. They have a fairly good reputation for delivering quality dentistry service while keeping patients comfortable. Advanced Dental is located on Mallory Avenue. As long as you live close to this area, you may consider calling this clinic to book an emergency appointment.

4.   24/7 Local Dentist

24/7 Local Dentist is an online resource that has partnered with a large number of dentists and dental clinics across the city. They help connect patients with dentists and can help you find a nearby emergency dentist quickly. With more than 30 years of experience, 24/7 Local Dentist is quite reliable.

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Their 24/7 emergency dental service is explicitly dedicated to connecting patients with 24-hour dental clinics at any hour. While this service might seem very similar to Teledentistry, it lacks the online consultation service and other related forms of assistance offered by the latter.

5.   Emergency Dentist 24/7

This is another online service aimed at helping patients find local emergency dentists quickly. Their 24-hour dental emergency service will connect you with a dentist even on weekends and holidays. Additionally, you can even find dental clinics for same-day denture repairs through Emergency Dentist 24/7.

If you need to opt for any specific treatments like root canal treatment or tooth restoration, they can help you find a suitable clinic. Overall, they have a fairly extensive network across a number of states. However, only four of these are in Jersey City, which means you don’t get many options.

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Wrapping up

As you can see, finding emergency dental care in Jersey City isn’t as hard as you may have imagined. There are several good clinics, as well as online services, to help you locate nearby emergency dentists. Teledentistry appears to be the best of them all since they not only help you find dentists but also enable you to get an online appointment immediately.



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