5 Things You Must Do Before Booking Philadelphia Airport Parking 

 August 5, 2022

Philadelphia Airport is one of the 20 busiest airports, serving at least 30 million passengers annually. You can book parking near the Philadelphia airport at affordable rates to ensure your car is safe. Below is a list of things to do before booking a parking spot at Philadelphia Airport.

Select Between Short-Term or Long-Term Parking

You may consider short-term parking if your trip takes less than 24 hours. It may include a personal emergency trip, an urgent business day trip, or a short round trip to visit a friend. One of the upsides of short-term parking is that you only pay based on the number of hours your vehicle is parked. Long-term Philadelphia airport parking is best suited for more than one-day trips. These can be week-long trips for leisure and work or short trips of up to 4 days. Long-term parking rates are cheaper as you pay a flat daily rate. You may also consider off-site parking lots near the airport and establish whether they offer free shuttle rides to the Philadelphia Airport to save time.

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Evaluate Multiple Philadelphia Airport Parking Lots

The type of parking lot you opt for depends on the duration you wish to park. There are three lots: the Credit Card lot, the Garage lot, and the Short-term lot. The airport parking rates and facilities depend on the lot you opt for and whether you want daily or hourly parking. The cheapest rate on the Garage lot costs $16, and the most expensive Short-term lot costs up to $44 for a single day of parking.

Probe for Nearby Cheaper Airport Hotel Parking Deals

You may consider an off-site parking lot if you have an early morning or late-night flight to catch. Most airport hotels offer clients excellent deals, allowing them to park their cars at affordable rates and book a room for the night if need be. It will enable you to relax and catch the flight in due time. You can use an app or a website to book a parking spot to enjoy discounted prices. You may also park your vehicle at airport hotels even if you have no plans to book a room with them. The off-site parking lot must provide complimentary shuttle services to clients to and fro the Philadelphia Airport.

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Compare the Costs of Off-Site and On-Site Parking

Most on-site parking lots are expensive; Ryan Garcia Wife but there is a better option for individuals who wish to park near the airport. Multiple off-site parking lots offer cheaper parking. The lots are part of airport hotels near Philadelphia Airport and offer customers discounted prices on the overall parking cost. On-site parking lots have average rates of $16 a day, while off-site parking lots have rates of $5 daily. The off-site parking lot here provides additional services, including oil changes, car washing, detailing, and more.

Leave Home Early to Beat Traffic

The distance from Philadelphia Airport to downtown Philadelphia is approximately 11 miles. It may take 30 minutes at an average speed, but unexpected delays caused by maintenance on the highway may lead to the diversion of traffic, which increases the traveling time. Therefore, it would be best if you started your journey an hour before your scheduled flight.

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Philadelphia Airport is the airport of choice, especially for trans-Atlantic flights to Europe. The city of Philadelphia attracts most tourists because of its historical and cultural importance, making the airport have an increased demand for parking spots. Depending on your preferences, there are on-site and off-site parking lots.

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