5 tricks that will make you a better FPS player 

 February 14, 2021

Gaming is fun. One of the reasons for this is the fact that it is competitive. As a gamer you play against friends or other gamers and the mindset often changes from being relaxing to being competitive and exhilarating. One of the most common gaming types are online casino, online lottery and FPS gaming. FPS is an acronym for first-person shooter and well known games like Counter Strike, Modern Warfare and Halo is considered an FPS. Being good at fps can be very difficult and if you want to own your friends in whatever FPS you guys play, you can use these following tips to easily improve. Nothing beats being able to destroy your friends in a friendly game of FPS. Read more about the tricks further down. 

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Warm up before playing 

Many people think of gaming as a not yet a sport and it is only in sports you warm up before anything. This is a common misconception and warming up before gaming truly makes a difference. Warming up before sports prevents injury and puts the brain in the right mindset going into the actual match or event. Warming up before gaming is similar. When you are warm, ready and your senses are in order – you will play better. Going into a game coming of doing something else, the brain needs time to adapt. When it comes to FPS the eye-hand coordination might not be as accurate if you haven’t adapted to the modus of gaming. This then greatly decreases the odds of you doing well, when it comes to outperforming your opponents online. 

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There are many ways to warm up. Many of the FPS games have special servers, where you can shoot at targets or servers where you respawn constantly. These are good ways of getting into the groove of the game. Simply by doing 5-10 minutes before going into an actual game can make a big difference in your performance. 

Therefore, the first rule of FPS – warm up.

Know the map and processing information

More important than warm up is knowing about the game, the map and how to process the information given during a round. In most cases than not FPS’ are team-based games. This means that you will get information of your opponents whereabouts from your team. Knowing where to call information and where your teammates are calling out opponents is crucial. This is why knowing how the map is structured, which corners to peak and where they usually hide is very important.

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Information is the most important thing to give, have and process when gaming. Let’s say you are in a 2 versus 1 scenario and you are defending a bombsite. You know the map and where they might come from. They don’t have time to plant the bomb on the bombsite and you therefore know that it is about to go down at your position. You know both of their earlier locations and know that they are in a rush, you now can expect where they most likely will enter from. This information is key to winning the round. At this point, some hacks or cheats might come in handy. Depending on where are you playing and with who. If it’s the case, you better look for the best protection that an HWID Spoofer can offer. What matters, in the end, is to protect all your hardware and software from being banned or blocked.

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Crosshair placement is the main thing 

You have the information, you know they are coming. Now for the most important thing. Killing them. One of the biggest mistakes ‘bad’ FPS do is placing their crosshair wrong. The crosshair should always be in the expected position of your opponent. This means that when you peak a corner or hold an angle, your crosshair shouldn’t be placed in the center of the screen looking out the horizon. It should be placed in the exact spot of your opponents head as he peaks the corner. 

If you take one thing from this article is that crosshair placement can take you from an ok player to a great player. Therefore, aim for the head and be patience – use Youtube as a guide if you have to.

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Turn up your volume 

Another big thing when it comes to being better at FPS is using sound and sound cues to your advantage. Like mentioned earlier information is key and knowing when your opponent rotates, peaks a corner or throws utility is great information. Also, when you play with audio use your microphone to communicate. Your teammates need info to not over-rotate or not rotate at all. 

Map awareness and being calm

This plays into the information games as well. Having good map awareness and staying cool when receiving information can do a lot o

f good for your  gameplay. Being aware of everything around the map – where your teammates died, where your opponents are and from which angles are you most vulnerable – is key to winning rounds and maps. 

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By doing just some of these tips you will quickly become better at FPS.

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