Athena EMR Vs Centricity EMR: A Battle of EMRs 

 November 2, 2022


Both of these software are very well respected and sought after in the electronic medical care software realm. They provide efficient number of solutions and tools for the purposes of their intended to be used for. Each software is rich in terms of the value it provides to its customers, especially when it comes to operational use. They are very similar in terms of the functions they perform, also the specialties they are best catered for. The interfaces are designed with users in mind.


Athena EMR Software and Outline


Athena EMR is a cloud-based clinical and financial software for healthcare practices and facilities. Athena EMR combines software services to alleviate administrative burdens and improve clinical efficiencies. Athena EMR streamlines physician workflows promote a focus on patient-centric care. The software incorporates engagement tools, patient portals and online scheduling to improve patient satisfaction. The patients can utilize a patient portal to review their history, billing, documentation, and scheduling. The reminders can be delivered through multiple electronic means. That way the patients can even be alerted when their test results have arrived in the patient portal. The billing module of the software can be used in tandem with the EHR or separately. And most of features are patented and are continuously updated and rules the overall engine of the software.

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Handful key features of Athena EMR:

  • Inventory Management.
  • Medical Billing.
  • Patient Records Management.
  • Physician Scheduling.
  • Patient Scheduling.
  • E-Prescribing.

Athena EMR Demo and How to Request It?

Athena offers the demo on their official website. They have named it as one on one choosing that option the customer has to fill out a basic form and that requires very simple details about the customer and their business operations. The tends to offer a custom-built version of the software for their every customer. Athena does not offer free trial for the software.

Athena EMR Pricing and How to Get the Quote?

The pricing of Athena is not available on their official website. Athena tends to offer custom pricing for the software and its features according to each customer requirements. And not making the pricing available to the public is part of their pricing technique. The company also does not offer free version for the software.

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Athena EMR Reviews and They Stack Up

Athena reviews are in number on the internet, and majority of the reviews are some where n the middle and somewhat advocate the software. The software is rated 3.3\5 at based on ‎26 user reviews. It is also rated 3.5\5 at based on ‎755 user reviews.

Centricity EMR Software Features

Centricity EMR is a cloud-based software that is designed for ambulatory practices. Centricity aims to yield very personalized healthcare for each patient. That way the user can provide more quality treatment and with better patient outcomes. There are number of ambulatory clinics that use this software to streamline day-to-day operations. And it aids them to increase their revenue income. Centricity EHR functionality is designed to offer more powerful reporting on clinical outcomes. And these reports are critical for benchmarking a practice. The users of Centricity are better prepared to participate in pay for performance medicine programs as a conclusion. Centricity also offer particularly powerful interoperability with other platforms. The system offers messenger feature to support communication with patients and other practices that are involved in a patient’s care.

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Handful key features of Centricity:

  • Data Migration.
  • Alerts/Notifications.
  • Configuration Management.
  • Data Storage Management.
  • Automated Routing.
  • Access Controls/Permissions.
  • Workflow Approval.

Centricity EMR Demo: How to Request It?

Requesting the demo form Centricity for the software is very intuitive. The interested customer has to do is go onto the company’s official website and search demo in the search bar. There a demo option appears and clicking on it and will show a form. There the customer has to fill out and summit the form. Afterwards the company sales representative will reach out informs them on the features. The company does not provide free trial for the software.

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Centricity EMR Pricing: How to Get the Best Deal?

Centricity does not offer the pricing for the software on the website. Although, the customers can get the pricing quote for the software from some any third-party vendor. Centricity has no free version of the software available as of now.

How do Centricity EMR Reviews Stack Up?

The reviews of the software are pretty good. The software is rated 4\5 at based on 154 user reviews. It also rated 3.5\5 at based on ‎63 user reviews.

Major Drawbacks of Each Software

Athena EMR:

  • The software’s customer support can be indirect and give evasive responses.
  • The software’s in-house claims management required on top of services.
  • The software’s patient messaging features has bugs in it.
  • The software’s claim scrubbing feature at times can give issues.


  • The software does not include the cost of maintenance in the subscription fee.
  • The software does not have robust reporting tools.
  • The software does not allow the users to edit forms.
  • The software’s custom reports require an additional fee.

 Future Prospect of Each Software

Athena and Centricity are investing in their future ventures. They are constantly further developing their software, and bringing them up to par with their competition’s platforms. They are adding new features and tools to their software. They are making their software more relevant in today’s day and age. They are also expanding their services to new regions around the globe to hunt for new markets.

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The conclusion of which software is better than the other, that aspect of the discussion is completely up to the customers. It is them who will be using the software for their intended operations. First of all, they should evaluate their business operations and see for themselves which software fit their needs. From an expert’s perspective, the customers should choose the software that best fits their operational templet and offer the most value for the least cost.

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