CAM by Celerity vs NextGen EHR – Everything You Need to Know! 

 November 2, 2022

Physicians must first identify their therapeutic objectives when picking between documentation and the most comprehensive EHR/EMR systems. We think it can help you evaluate whether or not these outcomes are achievable with the EHR/EMR system you’ve chosen.

The question remains, given that both NextGen EHR and CAM by Celerity EHR Software are excellent EHR systems, which one is most suited for medical facilities? Which do you think is the finest, then?

If you need help deciding, we’ll compare Celerity EHR with NextGen EHR in terms of cost, reviews from previous customers, and available features.

CAM by Celerity EHR Software

Providers of community mental well-being and drug relation therapy can benefit from CAM, a unified EHR and treatment and rehabilitation administration solution developed by Celerity Software. This is a user-centric program for medical facilities that don’t have a lot of money to spend on IT. Many different clinical features, such as adaptable measurement and intake formats, are available in the CAM by Celerity EHR Software. Users have the option of resetting the form to its prior format. With CAM by Celerity EHR Software, doctors can easily record team notes on a single screen and assign them to individual accounts.

With the EMR’s built-in scheduling feature, medical facilities can better coordinate the schedules of various physicians working from different offices. Using the CAM EHR Software’s built-in work schedules feature, clinics may efficiently assign shifts to multiple doctors in different locations.

Moreover, the Celerity EHR system is HIPAA compliant, ensuring the privacy of patient’s medical records. Further, CAM by Celerity EHR Software offers several automated monitoring features for ensuring proper compliance. Because it is hosted in the cloud, the software can be updated and accessed from any location with an internet connection. This eliminates professionals’ need for local hardware or software installations and maintenance.

Why use CAM by Celerity EHR Software?

  • Practices can easily keep full control over service limitations with the assistance of built-in formats in Celerity EHR. It alerts workers whenever services are arranged outside of allowed limitations or claims are made with oversubscriptions. Billing for IOP operations begins once the baseline time has been met.
  • Its lab interface improves efficiency by streamlining and automating procedures. It lessens the requirement for manual data management. Celerity EHR Software reviews have praised this system component well in CAM.
  • What factors contribute to the intuitive operation of a given system? It is the interface. An ever-remarkable graphical user interface is maintained for all users. The user experience could be negatively affected by an overly intricate and laborious user interface. For this reason, Celerity EHR’s CAM highlights the system’s intuitive chart interface, which allows clinicians to view, edit, and add information to a patient’s chart with minimal clicks and mouse movements.
  • Healthcare workers and clinicians are given the tools they need to oversee in-patients and out-patients with the help of CAM by Celerity EHR Software, a mutual and encrypted electronic medical record system. There are integrated diagnostic and treatment solutions available. It’s user-driven, with over 5,000 active users across 30 states and an estimated 150 participating businesses.

CAM by Celerity EHR Pricing

Monthly charges for CAM by Celerity EHR start at $55. Contacting sellers as Software Finder can also yield additional details. We also recommend that you request a demo of the Celerity EHR Software.

CAM by Celerity Reviews

Positive results for our business and patients have been documented in numerous CAM by Celerity EHR reviews, which praise the system’s intuitive interface and individualized care plans. Although some customers have experienced small issues like the system being slow down, overall satisfaction with this EHR system is exceptional.

NextGen EHR

There is growing support for NextGen EHR, which is being increasingly implemented in cancer treatment and other medical operations. The program has the potential to enhance the effectiveness of the vast majority of existing medicines and medical practices. NextGen EHR’s reputation for dependability and excellence in customer service has allowed it to flourish.

The software may improve treatment outcomes by supporting users in maintaining calm during stressful patient situations. With NextGen EHR, doctors can reduce the processes they follow to maintain a sustainable business in the face of escalating healthcare costs. The tedious, laborious tasks can be taken care of by NextGen’s automated features, allowing doctors to devote their attention to patients.

This NextGen EHR can help you meet the requirements for MIPS. To give their patients the greatest care possible, doctors in one location can work with their colleagues elsewhere in the country or even the world. Therefore, this system facilitates interaction between healthcare providers and patients to enhance outcomes and provide guidance. NextGen EHR was created to eliminate the need for patient records in healthcare facilities, including hospitals and admins.

Why Use NextGen EHR?

  • NextGen EHR is a user-centered system that enables better doctor-patient contact through expedited billing and payment operations, teleconference sessions, and a simplified patient portal.
  • Reduce some of the stress of patient care and logistics by using NextGen Software. The need for a unified dashboard to facilitate process enhancement is clear. NextGen EHR stands out from the crowd thanks to its high levels of usability and productivity increases.
  • You can uplift your workflow by using a digitized system to keep track of prescription refills and other practices. Patients won’t have to worry as much about having the ability to get in for necessary medical care. Do not visit the clinic for any unscheduled checkups. NextGen EHR makes it as easy as a swipe of the finger to access its prescription functionalities.
  • NextGen’s patients are safe since they always have access to a backup solution. Patients who need regular clinical testing, medical performance reviews, and medicines can now benefit from NextGen’s certification for ongoing medical training and professional growth. The NextGen EHR’s efficient workflows are a huge boon to today’s hospitals.

NextGen EHR Pricing:

NextGen EHR pricing is currently unavailable, although interested buyers can receive a ballpark figure by contacting third-party providers like Software Finder. Seeing a live demonstration of the NextGen system can greatly benefit a good decision.

NextGen Reviews:

NextGen EHR reviews should come as no surprise that the vast majority of NextGen EHR’s customers have only positive things to say about the software, given its high marks in user evaluations and the wealth of useful features it provides.



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