Marketing is now easier today more than ever – who would contest that? Over the years, we have seen how development molded today. It is a gradual process but astounding. We have witnessed the unsheathing of the old world to a tech-filled era – a digital one. The journey is quite impressive and surprising. 

The business society benefitted greatly from these advancements. What are the struggles of entrepreneurs in the past? And how they manage to do it in this period? Let us see. 

What Are The Struggles of Entrepreneurs in the Past? 

Imagine promoting a product decades ago. They did it from person to person, distributing fliers, promotional caravans, radio advertisements, and TV. That must have been very tiring and needed so much effort. 

Imagine the efforts of managing a business decades ago: an entrepreneur must be physically present in all meetings, long lists of accounting papers including auditing reports, a bunch of documents for the production of memorandum or circular letters, and lagging computers. Indeed, that must have been troublesome, yet, they did manage to survive. 

Imagine manually computing all input data, arranging them into a set of tables, receive client details and type them one by one in a tabulator sheet, individually update these details monthly, and submit reports. Those kinds of works must have been taking too many hours to finish, yet they still managed to have quality time for their families. 

If you are to put your feet in the shoes of entrepreneurs before you, you might recognize their determination and perseverance. Then, providers of software development servicescame in. A magical journey gave way to the digital era, and entrepreneurs are ready to adapt.

Adapting to Upgraded Tech 

The upgrade might be complex, but it was all rewarding. Entrepreneurs will enjoy the benefits in the long run. What digital tools replaced all the manual labor in the past? Let us see.

Accounting Software 


Intuit developed this software. This powerful accounting software can synchronize bank accounts along with other financial applications utilized by your company. This accounting management method provides real-time updates replacing the traditional way of compiling documents. 

The premium version of QuickBooks provides unlimited support to clients. This app is helpful for companies who are struggling with their accounting needs. 


The FreshBooks app assists in creating new invoices for your clients. It manages some financial aspects of the business, including synchronizing details from your bank, generating financial reports, tracks time, and monitors existing projects. 

It can be challenging for small businesses to find an accounting app that is flexible as FreshBooks. Additionally, the FreshBooks app sends timely reminders in connection to bills and payments of registered clients. 

Oracle’s NetSuite 

Oracle’s NetSuite software is best for small businesses. Entrepreneurs will enjoy managing their dashboards designed to manage all aspects of the company. Taxes is just one of the many financial obligations of the company. With Oracle’s NetSuite, consolidating these payables will need a shorter time than the traditional way of doing accounting and auditing. 

Like other accounting software available in the digital field today, issuing invoices and collecting payments is integrated into Oracle’s NetSuite functionality. 

Business Management Software 


Managing tasks and other assignments is where Trello helps. Entrepreneurs connect their team members to a designated collaboration dashboard referred to as “board” in the Trello app. Within these boards are tasks and specific details of assignments referred to as “cards.” 

Deadlines, required changes, descriptions, labels, and attachments are tagged to each card for easy reference. The board owner, preferably the entrepreneur, manages these in a scheduled manner for any changes developed.


If you are tired of switching different mailing accounts, the Slack app is a great option to manage all your mails in just one dashboard – a beautiful one. 

It synchronizes all the messages together, categorizes them, and streams them in real-time for easy management. Slack also allows users to communicate with team members to each other securely, which is a plus in business management. This software replaces the traditional way of relaying business communications through papers. Though there still exist companies using the paper method, Slack is better in time management and efficiency. 

Google Drive 

Google Drive is cloud storage that assists in project management, communication, and file management. Because the data are stored in the cloud, they can be accessed anywhere, anytime, as long as the internet is available. 

Team members can effortlessly collaborate and make inputs to files at the same time. This collaboration produces a high-quality output, lesser time, and better services to clients. Google Drive is composed of different services: Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and several more. 

Moreover, an entrepreneur can limit access to the files to assigned persons only. All developments in cloud storage are updated in real-time. 


The Zoom app has been relatively new to the market. It aids in video conferencing activities, presentations, and of course, a reliable mode of communication in times of pandemic. Though faced with security issues over the past year 2020, Zoom delivered an excellent service to clients at times they are badly needed. 

Additionally, entrepreneurs can utilize Zoom’s services at a meager cost – an advantage for small business owners. Indeed, technology has improved significantly in video conferencing co-operations. 

The Wrap Up 

Yes, technology has played a vital role in improving the way we do business nowadays. It contributed a lot to developing software applications for accounting, business management, and communications. Who would have thought that the ideas decades ago are now realities of the present? 

Surprisingly, entrepreneurs are keeping pace with these developments. It took decades for these changes to take effect, and the business world is significantly benefitted. The journey is a magical one – it is. Now that these tools are available, entrepreneurs can now have more quality time for their families.

Entrepreneurs can now convert the long hours spent working before to doing what they love the most. Technology, indeed, helps in making people’s lives a lot better.