Fiido X e-bike recalled: Risk of Breaking in Half is the Cause 

 March 5, 2022

Fiido has advised owners of recall plans, offering free collection and replacement with an improved Fiido X or an alternative, but comparable, an e-bike that the company sells.

The more robust 2.0 frame comes with a three-year warranty. Detailed instructions are available here: Fiido recalls arrangement.

Fiido, the maker of cheap direct-to-consumer electric bikes, has suspended deals of its Fiido X and is scheduling a recall after finding a fault that could cause the folding e-bike to break in two. Fiido spokesperson Jennifer Sun established the issue to The Verge and said the company would release more details by April 12th. Electrek first noted the recall.

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With a $999 Fiido D11 e-bike in 2020, you get what you pay for. The follow-up $1,298 Fiido X was an improvement in almost every way, leaving us bright about the late-stage prototype. Welp.

The Fiido X is created on a lightweight magnesium frame and possesses a new folding mechanism. But, unfortunately, it’s here where the fault appears to lie.

In a statement published to the private Fiido X E-bike Owners Group on Facebook, a company representative says it acquired a false frame report on April 3rd, which Fiido was able to establish in its R&D lab in Shenzhen.

“Because this failure is a severe security issue, we are urging all users to stop using X provisionally, as there’s a chance,” a company representative wrote. “Relevant recall implementation details, user protection plan, failure cause analysis, and technical improvement plan will be released before April 12th.

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As we said in the writeup of Fiido X, “support is always going to be a problem with these direct-to-consumer e-bikes.” Now, six months later, this global recall will be a real test for the young company, founded in 2016, that has shipped hundreds of thousands of e-bikes around the globe with the help of Indiegogo.

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