Google Search will soon allow Booking Checkups & Medical Appointments 

 April 14, 2022

Google will soon let users book health care appointments with Search. Google collaborates with MinuteClinic at CVS and other scheduling critical providers for the new feature.

The company notified the feature at its sponsored health event, The Check Up. Google will allow you to book appointments through Search.

Google announced that it’s rolling out a new feature in Search that allows people to book health care appointments. Users looking to book a checkup or a same-day visit can employ Google Search to see the availability of chosen health care providers in their region. Google is collaborating with MinuteClinic at CVS to begin.

So, for example, you might scour for a MinuteClinic near where you reside, and Google will return results indicating the types of appointments you can schedule. For example, Google shows you’ll be able to schedule a visit for a checkup, vaccination, skin condition, or an injury/illness. While you can search for availability utilizing Google, you’ll book the appointment via a third-party site.

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It may be valuable for people who don’t own regular care providers or who aren’t capable of visiting their current doctor. Google said the feature is still in the early stages of rolling out. However, it expressed hopes to expand partners and functionality of the element to make it more comfortable for users to access the consideration they need.

Advantages of Online Booking

Whether you’re in the enterprise of booking reservations, classes, rentals, or appointments for services, automating the scheduling process eliminates all of the frustrations of manual appointment environs.

Online scheduling is functional 24/7, so customers can book whenever convenient. As a result, they don’t have to deal with the time and frustration of being on hold or leaving a note when calling your enterprise. Instead, they can fast see appointment availability in real-time.

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There’s an explicit requirement to offer self-service online scheduling. Where it begins to get tricky, though, is choosing the best kind of online scheduling tool to employ. Two basic models are connecting to an external site or integrating a scheduling program that plugs directly into your website.

Connecting to an external website can appear like a simple and affordable solution. However, those are the only advantages – it’s fast and can be inexpensive. Therefore, it might make sense for a new with little or no revenue to launch with one of these tools. However, in time, many companies seek new solutions because of the disadvantages they experience, including a leaky sales funnel, a poor user experience, and unstable branding. 

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