Last updated on June 19, 2020

HIPEC stands for Hyperthermic Intraoperative Peritoneal Chemotherapy. It is a leading alternative to the conventional methods of chemotherapy. The process is known to treat cancer through the delivery of a heated chemotherapy mechanism into the abdomen directly. HIPEC, as a leading cancer treatment, is gaining huge impetus in the modern era as it has been highly successful in removing major kinds of cancer, including that of the ovaries, stomach, cervix, and appendix.

HIPEC is best regarded for patients having Stage-IV abdominal cancer. In addition to serving as a famous alternative to traditional chemotherapy treatment process, it can also be utilized as an alternative to radiation therapy in some cases. In some instances, HIPEC is an ideal treatment option when most other treatments for cancer fail.

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What is the Procedure of HIPEC?

When the HIPEC treatment in India is being carried out, the surgeon moves forward with removing any potentially visible tumor from the abdomen. After this, the advanced HIPEC tool is utilized for delivering the heated chemotherapy process inside the abdomen directly. This helps in destroying the remaining cancer cells. The process of heated chemotherapy gets circulated for around 2 hours for reaching even the smallest of tumors in places wherein smaller tumors might exist. The main goal with HIPEC is to destroy cancer cells while preventing the healthy ones from developing cancer in the future.

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HIPEC serves to be a successful cancer treatment procedure as it is capable of killing cancer that might be too small to be observed by the surgeon’s eyes. In some instances, the surgeon might even choose to remove the lymph nodes if there happens to be a possibility of cancer link –potentially spreading out of the abdomen.

Conducting In-depth Research on HIPEC

HIPEC surgeons from a leading healthcare institution like Max Hospitals –one of the leading healthcare institutions in India, have several years of relevant expertise and intense training to deliver the best outcomes during a typical HIPEC process. It is a specialized form of cancer treatment that requires in-depth knowledge and relevant experience in the given field to treat cancer patients.

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When you are choosing a reliable HIPEC center like Max Hospitals, you should conduct proper research about the same while consulting your physicians about the available treatment options.

The concerned HIPEC surgeon would analyze whether or not you are the fit candidate to receive specialized cancer treatment. By most of the reputed healthcare institutions, HIPEC tends to be covered under a proper insurance cover. Therefore, it becomes vital to understand your coverage properly.

Side Effects

Patients undergoing revolutionary HIPEC treatment tend to experience slight side effects of the treatment process. The conditions might vary from one individual to another. Most of the side effects are linked to the removal of parts from the abdomen or debulking.

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With proper research, you can get the most for your HIPEC treatment