How to Make Your Own DIY Netflix With Shows/Movies You Don’t Own in Your Region? 

 April 1, 2022

Are you excited that the most awaited movie will be released on Netflix? But wait, the film will be available on another Netflix regional library but not yours.

It’s a serious bummer when you know that your favourite movie is available on another Netflix library, and you aren’t sure whether it will be available in your region.

Don’t worry; the following article shares the secret to changing your Netflix region without travelling to another country.

Why Are Movies Not Available in Your Region?

Before discussing the steps to change your Netflix region, let’s understand why Netflix content varies from one region to another. Netflix imposes geo-restrictions to restrict the content from showing in a particular region due to the licensing and broadcasting agreements signed with the production companies and television studios.

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As a result, the content on different Netflix regional libraries isn’t the same. So, you may not be able to watch preferred Netflix in Canada if you are travelling from the UK or USA.

Furthermore, the online content requirements vary in different countries. Hence, a program popular in Korea might not be of great interest to the audience residing in Canada. That’s why Netflix doesn’t have to pay a hefty amount to buy a license for a relatively smaller audience in a particular country.

The good news is that you can always use an affordable and reliable VPN service to unblock the Netflix regional content anywhere.

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How to Change Your Netflix Region?

A Virtual Private Network VPN creates a temporary encrypted tunnel over the Internet to re-route your online traffic. On the other hand, Netflix identifies the user with the IP address. So, for instance, you’ll be redirected to Netflix USA if you are based in America, and the same rule applies to other countries.

However, a VPN service allows you to connect to any servers hosted in different countries. So, for example, if you are in Canada and want to watch American Netflix, all you need to do is connect to the VPN server located in the USA.

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As a result, when you open your Netflix account, it considers your location within the USA and automatically redirects you to the American Netflix library. You can also unblock UK, Japan, Korea, and other Netflix libraries by connecting to the respective countries’ servers.

The good news is that you can download VPNs on different devices, such as laptops, smartphones, Smart TVs, PS4, Roku, and others, to stream Netflix regional libraries.

To summarize, first, you must install VPN software on your device. The next step will be to select a VPN package to create a VPN account.

After paying for the selected VPN package, you can create an account to access the available server list. First, you must choose the country of the server whose Netflix regional library you want to unblock.

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Once you connect to the VPN server, you can open your Netflix account to enjoy watching your favourite shows and movies.

Paid Vs Free VPNs

The users need to understand the difference between paid and unpaid VPN services. Unfortunately, Netflix uses advanced algorithms to track free VPN services and blacklist the users for good. Furthermore, free VPN services don’t necessarily unblock Netflix libraries, nor do they offer unlimited bandwidth to the users to stream their favourite shows and movies.

On the other hand, the paid VPNs guarantee to unblock Netflix regional libraries and offer unlimited bandwidth to support buffer-free streaming. Moreover, paid VPN services offer thousands of server options to the users to select from to enjoy faster speed.

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Don’t worry; using VPN to access Netflix libraries is legal. However, it doesn’t comply with the company’s terms of use as it bypasses the geo-restrictions.

Watch Movies on Netflix Using DNS Proxy

You can also use the DNS proxy services to unblock Netflix regional libraries as an alternative to the VPN. Then, all you need to do is ensure that Netflix hasn’t blocked the IP address.

However, Netflix tracks down DNS proxies to discourage the subscribers from using them. Furthermore, unlike VPN, a DNS proxy doesn’t encrypt your online traffic. As a result, your activities are open to your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

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Lastly, the free proxy services collect your online information, display ads, and sell the info to the advertising agencies.

Final Thoughts

Netflix undoubtedly offers top-rated online content on its streaming platform. Unfortunately, however, you won’t be able to watch your favourite movies while travelling to another country. The key takeaway of the above article is to facilitate the viewers to unblock Netflix regional libraries using a reliable and secure VPN service.

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