Last updated on May 21, 2020

Do you want to get today’s security skills and prove them by passing the Microsoft MS-500 certification test? If yes, then continue reading. The focus of this article is on providing you with the information you need to know about this exam.

If managing security for Microsoft 365 is your current job role, or you want to take such a position in the future, then you should sit for Microsoft MS-500 in orderto earn the Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate certificate. This credential is important as it brings you closer to obtainingthe Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert certification.

This certification path is for the experts in security whose responsibilitiesare to monitor and manage security as well as monitor compliance solutions for both Microsoft 365 and hybrid environments. Passingthe MS-500 exam takes you closer to becoming a certified Microsoft 365 Security Administrator(these specialists are always in high demand). After getting the Associate level, you will be required to clear Microsoft MS-100 and Microsoft MS-101 to obtain theExpert one.

Is Microsoft MS-500 exam right for you?

Before taking any IT certification exam, you should be sure that it is for you and it will help you gain skills and knowledge as well as get acredential that is relevant to your career and personal growth. So, before registering for Microsoft Certifications Exams, ask yourself whether it is the right test for you or not. You need to use two evaluation criteria to know this. You should consider job roles and years of experience.

  • Years of experience
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Let’s start by talking about years of experience, which are the first evaluation criterion. The Microsoft 365 certifications are basically divided into 3 levels depending on how many yearsyou work in a given job role. If you are just getting started out with technology, then you have theMTA certificate or several of them and two years of complete work experience in a certain role.

The Microsoft MS-500 exam is associated with the associate-level credential. This means that Microsoft expects fromits candidates to have 2 years of experience working in Microsoft 365 security as well as withcompliance solutions.Even though this is considered a prerequisite, Microsoft will not ask you to provide proof that you have such experience. Actually, it is only a recommendation from the company.

  • Job roles
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Now, let us talk about ajob role, which is the second criterion to use in evaluating whether Microsoft MS-500 is right for you or not. Microsoft expectsfrom those individuals who take the role ofa security administrator to have specific skills that intend to securethe Microsoft 365 enterprise. You should also know about the hybrid environment, enforcing data governance, responding to threats, and managing and implementing security and compliance solutions.

To conclude this, in case you already fulfill all the requirements, Microsoft MS-500 is the right exam for you and you qualify to take it

What will you learn from Microsoft MS-500 exam?

The MS-500 certification testbasically covers nearly everything that you can imagine about monitoring and managing security and compliance solutions for Microsoft 365 and hybrid environments. Before takingthis exam, there are so many things you need to explore.

To write this Microsoft test, it is helpful to have practical experience in any of the four skill areas that it covers. They include:

  • Understand management governance along with compliance features in Microsoft 365 – 25-30%;
  • Implement and manage information protection – 15-20%;
  • Implement and manage threat protection – 20-25%;
  • Implement and manage access and identity – 30-35%.

What is Microsoft MS-500 exam format?

Knowing the format of any certificationtest before taking it can help you successfully pass it. First of all, please note that you will have to deal with approximately 40-60 questions within a limited time of 120 minutes. As for Microsoft MS-500, you canfind three types of questions. The exam starts with a business case whereby you are given a scenario. You are required to read through the provided situation on which a couple of questions are based. Next, you will find some questions that are asking you whether a specific solution can assist in solving one of the business scenarios or not. For this type, you can select ‘No’ or ‘Yes’. And finally, you will get sample questions. You will be required to choose only one correct answer to the question. You don’t have to be an expert in Microsoft 365 security services to take the MS-500 certification test. However, it is important to know them, how to use them and how they work, because this is what you are likely to be given as a business scenario.

You should also know some essential details regarding this Microsoft exam. The passing score is about 700 out of 1000. The available languages are English and Japanese. The test costs $165, but this fee is applicable only for the U.S students. To know the fee for your location, please visit the exam webpage.

How can you prepare for Microsoft MS-500 exam?

This is the most important step that will shape your level of preparedness and the overall result of the test.You need to understand that without a detailed study plan and a set of prep resources, it is impossible to master all the exam topics. That is why you need to get the official materials from the Microsoft website and the study bundle from the Examsnap platform. Using them with a rationally developed schedule will lead you to success.


Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate is a prestigious certificate that comes with lots of new opportunities. And obtainingit requires that you take Microsoft MS-500. This means that this examis worth your effort and investment. So, why don’t you start preparing for this test today, especially when you have all the necessary tools?