Let’s introduce Perfect Acoustic!

Perfect Acoustic, which manufactures acoustic elements, has been the market leader in Hungary for more than 10 years. Before founding his company, the owner of the company, RóbertPolgár, initially only experimented with improving the acoustics of his home cinema. However, he soon had to face the fact that the acoustic elements on the market at that time did not reach the expected level in terms of quality, efficiency or appearance. That’s why Robert decided to start making acoustic elements himself in his workshop. Getting to know the structure, machining and use of the materials, the continuous improvement and testing of the sound-absorbing and diffuse panels finally brought the desired result. After a successful acoustic treatment of his own cinema, he was determined to make the perfect sound available to others in the form of a business.

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Quality, precision and aesthetics

Perfect Acoustic works exclusively with premium quality materials when making sound-absorbing and diffuser panels and acoustic curtains, taking into account their acoustic capabilities. It regularly tests and develops its handmade products, the size, colour and pattern of the products are tailored to the needs of the customers. Perfect Acoustic uses precise mathematical calculations to produce its products, which have the highest absorption capacity on the market today. The company not only offers products to its customers, it also performs online and on-site acoustic measurements, during which it can determine the acoustic characteristics of the given rooms with full accuracy, as well as where and how many acoustic panels are recommended. In its web store, a wide range of products is available to customers. Custom sizes and designs can also be ordered with fast lead times.

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Its main goal is to make perfect acoustics achievable for everyone. To this end, it is constantly coming up with newer and newer solutions, such as the distribution of speaker pads or acoustic mats. Listening to music or watching movies can only be a real experience if the sound is flawless. In addition to high-quality hi-fi equipment, this also requires acoustic treatment of the rooms. The company engaged in the production and distribution of panels developed for acoustic purposes helps in this.

Sound insulation

In addition to optimizing surround sound, the company’s products are also excellent for sound insulation and noise reduction. One of the most serious problems of our time is noise pollution. Persistent noises have a serious detrimental effect on health, so nowadays it is essential to soundproof our home and workplace. Acoustic Sound absorbing panels and fabrics are also extremely effective in cinemas, sound recording studios, offices, industrial, commercial and catering establishments, hotels, theaters, lecture halls, educational and healthcare institutions. In condominiums, reflections and footsteps are significantly attenuated.

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Timeless quality

Based on customer feedback, Perfect Acoustic products really make the ideal sound a reality. Thanks to the aesthetic design, almost everyone can find a piece that suits their own taste and the style of the room. As a result, the panels manufactured and marketed by the company not only stand out from other similar products with their efficiency, they also stand out as decorative home accessories that do not fade or wear out after a long time, and are very easy to clean. In contrast to cheaper, leaner acoustic panels, the design and manufacture of Perfect Acoustic panels include primary aspects of maximizing sound absorption and diffusion, as well as timeless and aesthetic design. Thanks to its expanding product range, you can always show something new, and thanks to the unique design and careful machining process, truly beautiful and practical products are made.

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Customer are the most important

In addition to Hungary, there are also orders from many foreign countries, and there are already many returning customers, all of whom are satisfied with the quality and efficiency of the acoustic elements received. To make it easier to place and fix the products, Perfect Acoustic’s panels have pre-drilled holes, and the company also offers several solutions for installing curtains.

Informative and interesting articles

On the website of the acoustic company you will also find useful information, scientific and educational curiosities, as well as hi-fi and audio equipment tests.

Innovative and demanding

Perfect Acoustic not only strives for perfect sound, it also achieves it with its demanding and high-quality products! The most important thing for a dynamically developing company with numerous innovative solutions is that its customers are satisfied with the products ordered.

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