We all know how tough it
can get when we want to send things to our friends and loved ones across the
world or maybe just another country. The fees to pay for one can be enormous,
which hinders in the way of sending these packages. What if you were told that
there is one such company that send across your package for a reasonable price?

Ship7 is a company that
lets you forward packages from the US and UK to people all over the world.
Although shipping internationally can cost a bomb, Ship7 does that for a reasonable
rate by providing its customers the ability to get shipping addresses in either

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You need to sign up, and
when it is confirmed, Ship7
provides you USA&UK addresses that
you can use for all your online shipping. You can begin shipping for your
merchandise immediately!


Ship7 stands apart from
all the other competitors in the business because of the of its long list of
features that it provides to its shoppers for free. One of those features is a
consolidation which helps you for saving money on international shipping up to
80%. You can also store your packages for 60 days at their warehouses and
continue shopping from other stores without haste.

It has multiple shopping
options for the multiple countries that they ship to so that all your needs are
met at one place. You can track your parcels so you know where they are and
when they may reach their destination. You can be sure to receive your money’s
worth by using their services.

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A few of their other
services include:

  • Free Package Receiving & Handling
  • Save up to 80 percent on shipping
  • Free 60 Days Storage After Receiving
  • Responsive Customer Service & Assistance
  • 2 Free External Photos of Each Package
  • Free Consolidation & Multi Package Shipment
  • Free Shipping Insurance up to $100 value
  • Cargo (Freight) Shipping Option for Heavy Item


They have a four-step
process that is easy to follow, and once you go through with them the first
time, you will be hooked!

Ship7: How does it work?
  1. Free signing for Ship7

You need to sign up for a free
account which you will have an address that you must use every time you want to
ship or receive a package. You can get both UK or USA address depending on
where you want to send. Once you receive the confirmation that you are a member
of Ship7, make sure all your shipments include the address of the Ship7
warehouse and your unique suite number.

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from the USA and UK

You can shop from popular
stores across the USA and UK and have them shipped anywhere in the world. All
you need to ensure is that you enter your Ship7 address as your shipping
address at checkout. Your shipping is also insured depending on the kind of
service you have chosen. Ship7 provides free shipping insurance up to an amount
of $100. They also have an active Customer Support in case you have misplaced
your parcel or it is delayed or it is stuck in transition. You can also return
your goods if not satisfied and it can be processed via Customer support. Ship7
charges $2.00 for return merchandise handling. Different services like express
orders, special requests, and personal shopping assistants come at a certain
price ranging from $2 to $10.

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    3. Shipping to

You can choose one of
the various shipping methods based on how fast you need your items delivered.
They have great shipping rates and you can save up to 80% on shipping prices.
They also have their Ship7 Cost Calculator
to check your shipping charges before you order the item from the Merchant.

    4. Delivered to
your doorstep, anywhere in the world!

The package once shipped
takes about 2-5 days to reach you depending upon the service you chose as well
as the country it is being shipped to. If it has been inadequately packed,
Ship7 ensures that they repack it well before delivery.

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Customer Reviews

Most of the testimonials
that customers have given on the website as well as other review websites have
been positive and showcase
Ship7 to be a trustworthy and reliable shipping service. The testimonials have been from users of this
service from around the world, including Brazil and Norway. Those who have
experienced it claim to have been ‘treated like royalty’ and to have received
‘excellent service.’

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