Bitdefender is one of the most exciting antivirus software available in the market. While it works very well on all operating systems, it is best for Windows users. Among the various packages offered by this antivirus software, even the cheapest options are great for Windows users. Even others like Mac and Android users can take the benefit of the Total Security Plan, which, although it is a little costlier, provides additional features like parental control and password management. When you buy Bitdefender antivirusyou will be able to enjoy one of the most potent malware and ransomware software available on the market.

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There are a plethora of features available on Bitdefender, some of which are listed below:

Ransomware Remediation.

When you buy Bitdefender internet security, the robust behavior monitoring system will be able to protect your files from ransomware that may be encrypted in them. It is a real-time feature, and when they work in collaboration, takes into account any threat that may be ransomware.

Webcam Filter

This is one of the most exciting features that do not allow hackers and other unwanted eyes to hack your webcam. This includes all software that uses your webcam. With this feature, you will be able to eradicate all privacy threats that may be lurking your way.

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Phishing Detection

The “Web Shield” feature activated by Bitdefender will be able to protect your operating system from phishing and also stop access to dangerous sites as well as other malware that can harm your device. This technology guards all network activities; for example, even critical links in a document file will be detected by this feature.

Password Manager

With the help of Bitdefender’s password manager program, you will be able to store all your important passwords in a single space so that you can find them whenever needed. All personal information, including credit card details and other bank details are safely stored in encrypted storage so that these crucial pieces of information are readily available. You will be able to set up a number of password databases and, at the same time, sync them across devices that are protected by Bitdefender.

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Online shopping and transaction of money can sometimes be hazardous and open you up to the severe loss. For this reason, this feature has been added so that you can shop online without having to worry about your security. With the help of the safepay browser, you will be able to access your online banking services as well as your favorite shopping websites safely. This way, you will be able to be protected from keyloggers and hackers.

Anti Tracking

When you browse online, the website tracks information about you sometimes without your prior knowledge. While some companies do this to provide you good advertisements, others simply share your data with other companies. No matter what, it is a breach of privacy that is to be taken seriously. Most often, you have no idea that such spying tools are being used against you. When you buy Bitdefender internet securitythey track and block search activities so that your private information is not made public.

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Safe Files 

There are some files that you may want to keep protected from specific software because they consist of essential and sensitive information. At such a juncture, you would want to place these files in a secure location. The Safe Files feature enables you to store essential documents without other software to read or make changes to them without your permission.

Buy Bitdefender antivirus to enjoy superior security!