Kobe signed his first shoe deal when he was only 17, and it
was worth $48
million. Since then, there have been so many more shoes to come out
of this line.

There are all kinds of different Kobe basketball shoes that
you can get that’ll be perfect as your go-to basketball shoes.

Having the best basketball shoes could make all the
difference in the world between winning and losing a game. Keep reading to
discover some of the Kobe Bryant basketball shoes that you should get.

Mamba Focus

The Mamba Focus shoes are the best overall for basketball
players. They are comfortable to wear, and they also have improved
responsiveness thanks to the Zoom Air unit.

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These shoes are rigid, which will give you control. The
soles are made of gum rubber, and these shoes weigh about two pounds. You won’t
even feel like you’re wearing shoes on the court!

These perfectly capture Kobe’s personality, and these pairs have
a clean design in almost any color option. It also has a lot of great traction
to give you a better performance on the court.

One of the other reasons that this shoe is great is that it
will help you make fast moves and quick cuts whether you’re playing a game or

However, the one disadvantage of these shoes is that they’re
more narrow, and they can run a little bit smaller. If you have slender feet,
this probably won’t matter, but other people will definitely notice.

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Nike Kobe AD NXT FastFit

One of the most popular Kobe
basketball shoes is the Nike Kobe AD NXT FastFit. This shoe
definitely lives up to its name since it fits great and supports speed.

This shoe is very minimal and light, and it has a great,
explosive midsole that will help you score the best baskets and hoops.

The support and lockdown in this shoe help you feel
confident on the court, and you won’t notice much wobbling or heel slippage.
This shoe also has a better upper than most of the other shoes out there.

However, the traction is even better. It has a lot of
squeakiness that will help bite the floor, letting you quickly shift and stop
changes in directions. The energy is returned with this shoe, but the midline
also helps guard your foot by offering great protection.

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The only downside is that this shoe is more expensive than
your typical basketball shoe, but we definitely think it’s worth the price.

Kobe 1

Kobe 1 was the first sneaker that Kobe did for the Nike
basketball shoes, and it’s still one of the best designs that you can find out

This shoe is great if you want a shoe that’s comfortable
because of all of the cushions. It also has a padded collar, Zoom Air
technology, a rubber outsole, and full-grain leather construction.

These shoes are pretty accurate to size, and they weigh
about four pounds. The shoe has lots of great support, and they’re also really

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There is also a carbon fiber spring plate that will help you
while you’re playing your basketball game. The outsole is rubber, which will
give you good traction on the court.

However, the disadvantage to these shoes is that they aren’t
very sleek, and they’re not one of the more attractive types of shoes. They are
somewhat bulky and heavier than other pairs.

But if you don’t mind that, then they would be a great
addition to your wardrobe.

Nike Kobe AD Mid

The Nike Kobe AD Mid shoes have a lot of comfort as well,
and it feels like you’re stepping on cotton. These shoes were created after
Kobe’s retirement, and they’re classics.

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Even though they’re very cushiony, you’ll still be able to
feel the court through these shoes. It still has all of the basic support
features that will help make sure that you don’t twist your ankle on the court.

However, they also give you great traction on the court. The
outsole of this shoe is very sticky, and it’s really clean on the courts as

This shoe is very light and comfortable, but they’re also
designed very well. You can wear these even after the basketball game, so these
shoes are functional as well.

Mamba Fury

The Mamba Fury shoes are very lightweight, and they weigh
under two pounds. These shoes are very strong and sturdy despite their being

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If you want to move faster, jump higher, and want a shoe
that has a low profile, this is one of the best shoes for you.

They’re also very comfortable to wear. This sneaker gives
you so much agility because of the upper, which isn’t very structured. There is
also rubber along the sides of the shoe.

You’ll get a lot of flexibility on these shoes, but you’ll
still have enough support to make sure that you don’t injure yourself in a
heated game of basketball.

The one disadvantage of this shoe is that they are a little
bit squeaky on the court. The traction will work well, but there will be a lot
of noise when you are running around.

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Discover More Kobe Basketball Shoes

These are only a few of the most popular Kobe basketball
shoes, but there are many other shoes that might fit you better than these

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