Things Teachers Should Not Do in the Class 

 April 13, 2022

The whole world is talking about what to do in the class? What should a teacher do to increase engagement of the students in the class? What should a teacher do to increase the interest of the children in the class or what should a teacher do to make students happy in the class but nobody talks about what a teacher should not do in the class to make the class interesting and safe. School is a type of temple to the students or a second home where they spend 5-6 valuable hours of their whole day with their favourite peers, tutors and place. Therefore, it is necessary for the teachers to be aware of the things which should not be done by them in the classroom even by mistake. Teaching is a very important responsibility therefore a good teacher should ensure that students should feel safe and comfortable in the classroom. Following this even in online learning students use LMS portal because LMS portal makes their online learning safe. School management system ensures that students should enjoy learning and have a positive attitude for school. Therefore, the school management system takes necessary steps regarding it too. As explained in the beginning, students spend a big part of their day in school so they should see their teachers as their role model, such an environment in the school is needed. A good teacher should create a very interactive bond with his/her students and should understand their feelings and emotions.

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The teacher needs to make the class safe, happy and interesting for the students instead of making it a nightmare. So, let’s discuss about what a teacher should not do in the class:

  • Don’t yell at your students. You are a teacher not a cowboy and those are your students not a herd of sheep so never yell at students. No student likes to be yelled at. This diminishes their interest level in your class and gradually they start skipping your class. Yelling can disturb a good LMS plan. Students will love to listen to you when you will be polite in your voice. Politeness is the first step of a clear and good communication with students whereas it becomes very clear when you yell that you are venting out your frustration on students.
  • Being short tempered and being a teacher can never live in the same house. These two different characters can reside in one body of a teacher. It is so because students who are coming to you to learn are having zero experience of life, learning and knowledge so you will have to be very patient with them, answer their funny questions without being angry. So, a teacher is not allowed to be short tempered at all otherwise students will be scared and won’t be able to ask their queries.
  • Teachers should never come in the class without making necessary preparation for the class on the topics to be taught. This shows the careless behavioural aspect of the personality of the tutor. It is necessary that teachers should come a little earlier in the school and make necessary preparations for the topics to be taught in the different classes on the day according to the time table.
  • Teacher should be the supreme authority in the class, not the students, so a responsible teacher should never let the students take over the charge of the class. Teachers should be good in the knowledge of how to take charge of the class. Sometimes in overexcitement students cross their lines but the teacher must control them without hurting them and make them understand also who is the authority in the class. Make the students learn the habit of raising their hand first if they have to ask something instead of making the class a fish market.
  • Teacher sitting in the chair for a while is okay but he or she should not sit in the chair continuously and should stroll from time to time in the class to gain concentration of the kids towards what he or she is teaching otherwise students will lose interest in the class.
  • Students have no experience of social behaviour. For them their whole world is their home or school so teachers should stay calm even when students argue on anything and make them remember their limits politely and also the consequences of forgetting them.
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