Things to do in New Jersey during your Vacation 

 November 17, 2019

Are you planning a vacation? Have you
thought about New Jersey as a destination? It may not be the first place that
comes to mind on your list of top travel destination, but the state has a lot
to offer.

Once you get away from the NYC suburbs and
the less attractive urban and industrial centers, there’s a lot to love in New
Jersey. The state is home to great beaches, national historic and cultural
sites, and pristine forests. Here are five great reasons to visit the Garden
State on your next vacation.


It may not boast world class breaks, palm
trees, or crystal clear waters, but the New Jersey surfing scene is thriving.
Fall is the best time to get in the water. As the Summer crowds begin to die
down, the Atlantic hurricane season starts pushing decent swells. So grab a wet
suit and hang ten!

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Ready to hit the road? New Jersey sports a
ton of excellent scenic drives. Check out 122 mile Bayshore Heritage route.
You’ll drive from Delaware Bay to Cape May passing by beaches, lighthouses, and
state parks along the way. Next, head inland to the 24 mile Upper Freehold
Historic Farmland scenic by-way, and cruise past rolling farmlands, historic
B&Bs, and wineries in the farmlands of Monmouth County.

The quiet by-ways and scenic vistas you’ll find when traveling in New Jersey
should be right up your alley. Just remember the statewide speed limit is
55mph. If your lead foot gets the best of you, though, the Garden State allows
payment of traffic fines online. Here is a link to a guide with detailed
information on paying your fines online using

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American History

The Crossroads of the American Revolution
National Heritage Area is a network of historical sites that chronicle New
Jersey’s revolutionary war history. From Fort Nonsense in Morristown, to
Washington’s Delaware River crossing near Trenton, the rich history of the
Revolutionary War is alive in New Jersey. If war history isn’t your thing,
check out one of the state’s nine National Parks

The Appalachian Trail

Speaking of National Parks, the Garden
State hosts a section of the Appalachian Trail. The Northern edge of the state
is home to 72 miles of the trail where it passes through rolling mountains and
an elevation range of over 1,000 feet. Watch out for bears!

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The Pines

The New Jersey Pine Barrens is a unique
biosphere. It covers over a million acres of land in central New Jersey. The
Pine Barrens are the first National Reserve established in the United States,
and contain eight separate National forests and parks within their boundaries.
Attractions include Batsto Village, a historic site where evidence suggests
humans may have lived since prehistoric times. In 1766, the settlers of Batsto
Village began making iron by processing “bog ore” found along river

With all that New Jersey has to offer,
there’s something for everyone. So plan your next vacation to the Garden State!

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