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Tony Campisi

Full NameTony Campisi
Date of Birth1943//
Birth CountryAmerica
Birth Place Texas

Tony Campisi was a renowned Hollywood actor. He garnered massive success in the movie industry. Besides, as an actor, Tony was also a jazz musician, famous for playing several musical instruments, including saxophone and flute. Except for his career, he was well-known as the ex-husband of the American actress Kathy Bates. Let’s learn more about him on this page.

Tony Campisi was Once Married to Oscar-Winning Actress, Kathy Bates

Tony Campisi did quite well as an actor and jazz musician; however, he earned massive fame after he tied the knot with the veteran actress, Kathy Bates. Indeed, he was married to the Oscar-winning star.

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Tony and Kathy shared their vows back in April 1991. According to All-Star Bio, the former husband and wife dated for thirteen years before reaching the point to marry.

Tony Campisi did quite well as an actor and jazz musician; however, he earned massive fame after he tied the knot with the veteran actress, Kathy Bates.
Late actor Tony with his ex-wife, Kathy Bates.
Photo Source: Pinterest

Despite their long-run relationship, things fell apart after they walked down the aisle. Surprisingly, Tony and Kathy only stayed married for six years. They divorced in 1997.

Besides sharing a marital relationship once, Tony also had a history with his ex-spouse, Kathy, playing in several movies together. After the divorce, Tony stayed single, whereas his former wife was reportedly dated Bernard Hill.

Late Tony Campisi Personal Details 

Tony Campisi was born on January 22, 1943, in Texas, the United States of America. He belongs to American nationality, and his ethnicity is white. Unfortunately, details on his parents and siblings are still unknown; due to this, nothing can be commented on as of now.

Tony Campisi was born on January 22, 1943, in Texas, the United States of America.
Spider-Man cast Tony died due to brain hemorrhage.
Photo Source: Glamour Path

Sadly, the veteran actor took his last breath on March 7, 2010, in Austin, Texas, as mentioned by Glamour Path. He was 67-year-old at the time he passed away. What was the cause of his death?

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Tony died after suffering a brain hemorrhage. It all started after he fell outside a Corpus Christi, Texas Hotel, where he hit the back of his head in October 2009 and never fully recovered.

What’s Tony Campisi Net Worth?

For those who wanted to learn about Tony Campisi’s financial status, let us break it down to you that he was rich. He earned quite from his fruitful career in the entertainment industry.

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Precisely speaking, the Law and Order cast held an impressive net worth of $5 million. Yes, he was a millionaire, and credit goes to his hard work in several TV shows and movies. 

Tony Campisi held an impressive net worth of $5 million as of January 2021.
The veteran actor Tony Campisi was a millionaire.
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One of the cinematic projects where Tony worked is in an Indie film called A Home of Our Own. In that movie, he portrayed the role of Norman. As per sources claim, that film managed to earn $1.678 million at the box office. 

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Besides A Home of Our Own, Tony was a part of a blockbuster movie, Spider-Man 2, made with a $200 million budget. It was financially successful as it managed to earn $783.8 million at the box office. 

Over the years, Tony was part of many other exceptional works in Hollywood. Thus, keeping all of this in mind to picture him living a millionaire lifestyle isn’t surprising at all.

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