Top World Wine Trends To Watch Out For 

 December 20, 2019

Globalization has done plenty to seriously up the pleasure of dining out  and enjoying fine wine, with top restaurants across the globe offering savvy diners a rich selection of New World wines as well as staple classics. New forces continually arising, including English wine, fondly touted as ‘ the fruit of British eccentricity.’ Who, after all, would be avante-garde enough to compete against consolidated winemakers, by planting vines in Britain’s famously humid, rainy conditions? British wine is just one newcomer to the scene, but there are a plethora of fascinating bottles, vintners and wine types to discover in the coming year. 

Australian Wines On The Rise

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As predicted by renowned Australian sommelier, Anthony Pieri, Australian wines will be present not only in gourmet shops, but also at gourmet restaurants across the globe, with clean, fresh whites appealing in particular to younger generations. Those into traditional wines like Shiraz may wish to delve into lighter takes, such as sparkling Shiraz. A good place to start is on your journey to Australia – inflight!  Shiraz wine from the Qantas store comes in a variety of strengths so you can go for the full-bodied original or a lighter, fresher bottle. 

Ecological Wines A Matter Of Necessity

Sustainable wines now make up around 30% of many top wine lists across the globe, and it makes sense considering the growing demand for sustainable products. Eco wines vary from region to region, with some regions (e.g. California) having strict certifications and others having a wider scope of interpretation. Currently, ‘sustainable’ wines must take the winery’s carbon footprint in to account at every stage of the game. Respect for the land and social responsibility must go hand in hand, and issues such as packaging are also showing the greater priority given to sustainability. Thus, solutions such as flat bottles and recycled packaging are being embraced by top wineries in Old and New World regions alike. Many vintners are also going biodynamic, planting and harvesting their grapes in line with the phases of the moon.

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Lower Alcohol Quotients

Wine experts in Spain are pointing to the new popularity of wine that is dryer (less sweet) but also  lower in alcoholic content. It’s all about satisfying current demands for healthier wines that are rich in antioxidants like resveratrol but low in sugar and alcohol. These days, you will find many wines with values of between 6% and 8.5%, which is great news if you wish to keep your alcohol consumption down.

Vegan Wines Will Rule

The wine world has seen natural, eco, biological and whole-cluster wines, but the buzzword these days is vegan. The aim is to avoid all chemical products, weed killers and herbicides, while also steering clear of products with an animal origin. Techniques that rely on working alongside livestock are also being avoided. 

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Rosé From Provence Will Dominate In The Summer

Rosés are seen as a wonderful choice for lunch or dinner in the summertime, but this summer,  watch out for Provencal rosés, known for their pale, almost orange-tinted appearance. Their light hue belies an assertive, rich, yet dry flavor palate that contains herbs, red berries, citrus fruit, spices, and even fennel. A great choice if you are after a fruity wine that goes just as well with fish as it does meat in the warmer months of the year.

Australian, vegan and Provencal rosés are just a few trends that will be big in 2020. So, too, will sustainable and biodynamic wines – which already made their presence felt in 2019. Health, eco-friendliness, and social responsibility are key concepts that will make wine choices as cerebral as they are instinctive.

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