Ways to Combine Two or More PDF Files 

 July 23, 2022

For people who work in an office setting, there is nothing more important than documentation. Documentation is how we know what gets done and what needs to be done. The most common form of document and probably the most useful in a business sense is the PDF. PDFs or portable document formats are malleable documents that can be edited and changed in a significant number of ways relative to other document types. The only issue with PDFs is that they require some type of PDF editor in order to work with them. This is not a major problem though as there are more PDF editors available than you are probably aware of and they all come with a wide range of tools and utilities that allow the user to work with, edit and create PDFs. One of the most common things you will have to do with PDFs is merge them together. So how can we merge two PDFs together? And what tools are required?

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PDF editors all offer many different tools, but depending on the PDF editor you are using, there will be different sets of tools available to you; however, one of the most common and most useful is the merge PDF tool. The merge PDF tool is used to take two or more PDF files and merge them. The reason that this is so useful is that there will be many instances such as when you are putting together a report for your job and they will require that you compile files into a single document for a presentation. Being able to merge PDF files means that you will not only be adding files but also creating a new one through the merging of information. This means having the ability to merge PDF files is essential to expanding your abilities in the office.

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How many files can you combine?


Once you have a PDF editor that is capable of merging files into a single document, what are the limits? Truthfully there are no limits past the limits of the memory and abilities of your device. You can continuously add and merge new PDF files into a single document. The only drawback is that this could make the file too large; however, there is a way to remedy this by using the compress PDF tool which lets the user shrink the size of the files so that they can be sent to another user. When working with the merge tool or with PDFs in general the limitations are generally set by you and not by the Editor or the tools that they provide.

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How to combine PDF files in windows


If you are using windows derive such as a Windows PC, then you will need some type of online PDF editor to merge or combine files. While there is the ability to view a PDF on Windows, the merge tool is not currently available. When working on a PDF in Windows, you will need to find a PDF editor online, there are many to choose from so this is no big obstacle unless you consider the choice an issue due to the amount to choose from. While there are indeed many choices, there are a few PDF editors that stand out amongst the others.

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One of the most well-known and well-liked online PDF editors is Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Acrobat has been around a long time and has a huge set of tools that you can use to edit PDFs. This does indeed include the ability to combine PDFs using the merge PDF tool. Adobe Acrobat is an expensive option, but it is an excellent one. One of the other great options when looking at PDF editors is Lumin PDF. Lumin PDF is a great asset due to it also having the merge PDF tool but in addition to this, it works with Google Drive so you can select files directly from your online storage and merge it into a single file then save it back to Google Drive. This is very useful when you are working in a business setting and need to work with others and collaborate on projects such as reports or books that other clients might need to use. But once you have a PDF editor, how exactly do you use it to merge PDFs together?

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Ways to merge and split PDF


To actually merge two or more PDFs is not so difficult. Once you have chosen your PDF editor, all you need to do is select the merge PDF tool and you will be prompted to select the document you need and then do the following: Firstly, open your PDF file either from your device or from Google Drive if you have the option and need. From there you can go to tools (different PDF editors might have different layouts) and select the merge tool. After this you will be prompted to select the PDF, you wish to merge with your current PDF. This shows just how easy it is to use a PDF merge tool if you have a good PDF editor.

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How to combine PDF files on a Mac


Macs are wonderful devices but one area where they have a shortcoming is when working with PDFs. Mac laptops and desktops do not have a true PDF editor. They do have a PDF viewer, but it is very limited in what it can do. So as with a Windows OS, you will need to find a PDF editor to work with. Luckily there is no difference really when looking at most major online PDF editors since they are almost all made to be able to work with Macs as well.


Being able to merge files gives you not only the ability to put two files together but to compile and manage information. This tool along with the many other tools that PDF editors offer will give you a boost when it comes to organization and staying ahead when it comes to document management.

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