People have always been on the lookout for quick and easy ways to lose weight. No matter how popular a diet becomes, they are nothing but a placebo and in the long run, they may cause more harm than good. Reviews has presented us with some interesting facts regarding the ineffectiveness fad diet.

The Reasons

Here are some reasons why fad diets don’t work – 

  1. Improper weight loss – Netizens out there might argue stating that they have greatly benefitted from fad diets and have successfully lost weight. However, the weight you’re dropping may not be fat and something else such as fiber, water, and muscles.
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Generally speaking, fad diets are nothing but deprivation diets. There is no quick fix as far as the researchers are concerned. A proper meal has to consist of specific nutrients. The quantities may vary, but they have to be there, nonetheless. Eating only grapefruit without any carbs is an example of a typical fad diet and harms your body in the long run.

Eating less starch and carbs will help you lose weight, but that’s the same as starving yourself. Starving your body isn’t a solution. You‘ll just be depriving yourself of essential nutrients which will eventually result in health problems.

  1. Fad Dieters usually gain more weight – Do you know what happens when you deny your body the food it craves? It releases cortisol (popularly known as the stress hormone). Higher cortisol levels starve your cells and send hunger signals to your brain.
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If you manage to resist that urge, the levels will subside and reduce any likelihood of you gaining any weight. However, once your weight goals are met, your body will still be in the habit of that heightened cortisol level and you will end up overeating. A recent study revealed that 81% of fad dieters regain the lost weight in a matter of months, following the end of their dietary period.  Also, thanks to the overeating, every time you undergo a fad diet, you end up gaining the same and a bit more.

Starving your body and healthy eating aren’t the same thing. If you want to lose weight, a proper well-balanced meal yields better results than a fad diet under every circumstance.

  1. It’s Impractical – Unlike celebrities, we don’t live a similar lifestyle. A popular diet routine once suggested that food should be eaten in groups. Such as proteins, carbohydrates, fruits, etc.
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Now ask yourself, is it possible to segregate your food into different groups for consumption? They may help you lose weight, but that’s only a short-term solution and completely impractical.

Military-precise eating routines cannot be sustained for years on end. The strict restriction on food isn’t something enjoyable for long periods.


As stated above, fad diets are never a permanent solution. You have a better chance of losing weight if you stick to tried and tested eating routines that emphasize equally on all food groups. According to Reviews, fad diets change with time and is dependent on marketing campaigns rather than practical ideas. Usual dietary plans are a much better alternative.

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