Wedding Gifts for Your Husband 

 July 9, 2019

Gifting wedding gifts has been one of the wedding
events which is looked forward to by the newly married couple. This is that
chance for family and friends to show their love, happiness and support towards
the newly-weds. But what about when you have to give a gift to your newly-wed
husband? You and your partner just committed your whole lives to each other,
and now you get the chance to solidify this commitment with a gift!

So, ‘you’ll be wearing your beautiful wedding dress
and likely new jewellery and shoes. It’s only fair that your groom gets
something special on the wedding day that is keeping aside that he will be
marrying you, which is the most significant gift he would be receiving!

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Your would-be man would be experiencing wedding
jitters before the ceremony, so why not send him a bottle of whiskey and a box
of cigars to share with his friends, to calm his nerves? You ‘don’t have to do
just this; there are other things you can gift him to show him how much you are
looking forward to this transition in your relationship.

Now, some gifts are expensive but end up being
frivolous. And then some are small and thoughtful that has the power to touch
the heart of the person you are gifting. But how do you decide what to gift
him? Below is a list of all the things you can gift the groom-to-be to make his
day special.

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1. A Watch

Give him a timepiece that is rare and if you can go
the extent, then a vintage one. If you get it personalized by engraving your
names or just a message, it will become all the more precious. You can even
attach a little note to it that says ”See you at 12” or whatever it is that
you would see each other at the venue.

2. A Whiskey

If your man is fond of collecting alcohol and of
decorating his cornerstone bar, will have a whiskey decanter as part o his
collection. But you can always gift him a fun globe-shaped decanter that does
the work and yet looks fun, stylish and decorative. It does not cost much but
is a must-have for whiskey enthusiasts.

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3. An Engraved

A necktie is one thing every man possesses to be
worn on those formal occasions or sometimes even when work demands it. They
come in varied ranges of florals and stripes to solids. You can pick one that
you think may think will best suit him and have a message engraved on the
inside lapel of the tie. This will remain as a gift that can stay for your
lives and can be worn at any time; he wants to.

4. A Phone Docking

You can also take a step ahead and give him a gift
he probably ‘didn’t know he needed. A docking station is one where he can
keep his hone, keys, wallet, glasses, pens and more. It is one of the best
things you can gift a man who likes to be organized and can find ideas in one
place instead of having them scattered around and misplacing them.

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5. A
Bring-Everywhere Bagpack

So, you guys are getting married and what follows is
an adventurous honeymoon. A bagpack is a perfect gift that he can use as a
carry-on for this and all the other trips that you both may together or that he
may take with his guy friends. It is an investment that he will appreciate
because he can take it anywhere, he likes! Although bagpacks come for a higher
price than you may expect them to, it is a one-time investment that will last

6. Sports

Your would-be husband is first a guy before anything
else. All guys have their favourite sports, favourite teams and even favourite
players! If you are aware of this information as to whom your husband favours,
you can always gift him merchandise of his favourite sport, and you can be sure
to have made his day! You can get him a sweater, hoodie or caps that he can
rock on game days!

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7. A Unique Scented

There are scents in candles available now that are
as varied as a tobacco-scented candle. Yes, you heard that right. A tobacco
scented candle does sound like a deal-breaker but believe us, it ‘won’t leave
an odour of cigarettes within your household. You too will love this scent as
much as he does. Also, it scores bonus points for its velvety notes of tobacco
leaves and bourbon vanilla.

8. A Slick new

A wallet is an essential thing that any man carries
with him. But sometimes they go overboard with it by carrying it with him for
years. It gets tattered, and yet they go on carrying it. So if you are sick of
your ‘guy’s old, crusty wallet that ‘he’s carried around for years, get him a
new, durable one ‘he’ll be excited to start using it!

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9. Cufflinks

Which man doesn’t love a nice pair of cufflinks because there’s an option to suit every style. Whether ‘it’s a simple square with your first initial engraved in one and his in another, or a pair of significant shapes. Cufflinks can be very personal while an elegant reminder of your wedding.

10.  Gadgets

Men go crazy over technology no matter their age or
profession. There is no restriction to what kind of device ‘they’d prefer. If
you are aware of any gadget that the one you love wanted to own but ‘couldn’t
and you can shake your pockets a little too much, then there are a few gadgets
out there that you can buy.

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No matter what you decide to gift him, make sure you
make it thoughtful since this will be the first gift that he may receive as a
husband. Any gift when given with the right intention can come across as sweet
and beautiful.

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