What to wear with jardin de fleurs dress for women? 

 September 28, 2022

Images with jardin de fleurs dress for women will be appropriate not only for a romantic date or a walk with friends but also in the office, at a business meeting, or a gala event. The main thing is to choose the right dress itself, it’s cut and material, as well as things for the set.


Since a dress with flowers is a rather self-sufficient element of clothing, it is very important to choose the right shoes, because they set the mood for the whole set. Dresses with floral prints look equally good with woven sandals, wedge sandals, heels, pumps, and sneakers – it all depends on the style of the dress.

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Color harmony

The first thing to start drawing up a bow is, of course, a harmonious combination of colors in the kit. To make your look whole, you should not match a bright floral dress with the same bright bag or shoes with decor. It is best to choose accessories to match the background on which the flowers are depicted.

Image for the cold season

The common belief that woman floral dress is only suitable for hot summer days is no longer relevant. Models with long sleeves are suitable for both the cold season and a cool summer evening. The layered look will keep you warm and cozy in any weather. For example, you can combine a knitted midi dress with a leather jacket and a warm shawl.

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Arrangement of flowers

A different impression can be made by the distribution of colors on the dress and their size. Very large and sparse flowers, for example, can be spread all over the dress or placed just along the hem for a decorative effect. It looks especially advantageous on cocktail and evening dresses.

Combination with monochromatic things

A very bright and contrasting floral print is best combined with a plain cardigan, jacket, etc. Classic blue denim is a versatile solution that goes with almost any print. Neutral pastel or muted shades also look good. If your dress is with a monochrome floral print (for example, white daisies on a black background), then you need to pick up things in bright colors – red, yellow, or burgundy.

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Print combinations

This season it is very important to combine various prints, including floral with geometric or animal prints. So for a bright dress with a floral print, choose a jacket or bomber jacket with a similar floral pattern or with bright wide vertical stripes. With such a dress, a polka dot print, a cage (best of all, monochrome), a snake, leopard, or zebra print will also look good.

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