Last updated on March 9, 2021

The Zodiac sign of Libra usually means a person is a critical thinker, which makes it a perfect match for the scientific, yet compassionate requirements in the healthcare industry. Libras make excellent doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. As a personality mixture governed by the likes of Venus (the planet of love) and Saturn in perfect harmony, the Libra is a capable individual who perfectly balances the Venus-like qualities of love and beauty alongside Saturn’s wisdom and patience.

To sum it up, the Libra is a fantastic practitioner of reason, equity, and care, and there is a particular subset of career tracks in healthcare that are perfectly tailored to those boasting the constellation of Libra personality traits granted to those born between September 23rd and October 22nd.

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The Nursing Profession in General

Nurse practitioners spend their days melding technical mastery with diplomacy, rapid problem solving, and compassionate care. Nursing is the perfect field for a Libra looking to make his or her mark on the community. The best part of a career in nursing is the mobility granted to those within its ranks. The job of a nurse really does grant an incredible level of career mobility and freedom that can’t be found in most other career fields. On top of that, a nurse gets to directly impact the lives, health, and happiness of each patient seen on a daily basis. The satisfaction in this industry is off the charts, and, as someone with a Libra Zodiac sign, you’ll find yourself an excellent mediator of the different demands a nurse has to deal with.

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Psychiatric, Geriatric, and Pediatric Nursing


Making strides in any career field can be challenging, but the upward mobility that nurses and their colleagues see in healthcare is unprecedented. Opportunities for new and exciting roles within your clinic, hospital, or lab are always coming available, as well as others in the surrounding area. Once you’ve understood how your Zodiac sign and the personality traits that go along with it can point you in the right career direction, make sure to constantly commit to bettering yourself through practical knowledge building and new educational opportunities, such as a nursing program.

The nursing field benefits from some of the most well-built online education infrastructures of any career track, and a nurse can expect to find multiple Bachelor’s degrees and Master’s degree programs totally online. An ABSN degree is a great way to jumpstart or continue developing a career in this industry. As well, with the long track record of distance-based education, there is no learning curve to the deployment of resources for a School of Nursing. This is an important trait during the Coronavirus pandemic that has seen college coursework, whether a nursing program or any other educational pursuits, moved to the online space, often for the first time. An ABSN program can see you earn your Bachelor’s degree in nursing in an accelerated credit hour setup and propel you into or ahead in the field in rapid time. Apart from that, you can take advantage of online courses for certification and recertification in the field of nursing and get crucial skills that will further advance your career.

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Nurses that look to branch out into other sub-disciplines find a rewarding career track ahead of them. Many health practitioners looking to make their mark on a specific group of patients. Some are drawn particularly toward helping children or elderly patients. Others seek out those with acute mental illness in order to help give these people a fair shake. Wherever your personal strengths and passions lie, there is assuredly a discipline of nursing that fits your profile.

Nursing, in all its forms, is a fantastic career opportunity for anyone, and Libras, with their overriding compassion and search for equity injustice, and care make fantastic applicants to the nursing profession. These natural prerequisites make Libras predisposed to a long-lived and rewarding career in the industry most directly involved in the care and personal needs of patients in hospitals and clinics all over the world. The perks of the nursing field, of course, help too. The ability to take stretches of time off, ample overtime pay for those who want it, and the smiles on each of your charges’ faces after a job well done are just some of the benefits that nurses see on a daily basis in their workspace.

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