Workzone Project Management vs Miro Project Management: A 2022 Review   

 November 2, 2022

Defined project management is a crucial aspect of successful business campaigns. Therefore, one must consider your project management software options carefully. Workzone and Miro offer robust solutions to streamline tasks and simplify teamwork. This article will provide an insightful comparison of Workzone project management vs Miro project management. It will further share the pricing options provided by Workzone and Miro.

WorkZone is a cloud-based system that focuses on document management and communication. Organize projects by task and sub-task, assign responsibilities, and get reminders when tasks are due. Workzone project management provides personalized branding for businesses that want to display logos on portals or external customer accounts. It can exchange files and work with other team members. Provides real-time status of project progress across workspaces. It allows decision-makers to respond fast and make modifications as needed.

Miro is a cloud-based collaboration solution designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. The system includes a digital whiteboard for research, brainstorming, creating customer journeys and user story maps, wireframing, and other collaborative tasks. Users can utilize the solution’s whiteboard tools to build mockups and schemes, jot down ideas, and offer feedback on other members’ contributions.


Key Features 

Gantt Charts

With its interactive Gantt chart, you can get a clear and visual depiction of time spans. Changes to a project are shown in real time on the chart. The default view displays a six-month monthly project schedule. Change the project timeline to weeks or years by selecting weeks or years.


Using the Workspaces feature, identify excess or under-utilized resources across the business to balance workloads for effective productivity. To alert users of over-allocation, time periods are highlighted in red.

Time Tracking

Get a clear picture of the time spent on each project for client billing. Time reports provide reported hours categorized by workplace, project, or responsible party, with filters for date and category. Reports can be exported using Excel, PDF, or API.

Task Dependencies

Set task dependencies to efficiently manage planning processes and deliver projects. Any date changes made to the job will automatically modify the dates of other tasks that rely on it, ensuring the project’s order flow.

Workzone Pricing  

Workzone price is divided into three tiers.

  • The team plan costs $24 per user and is invoiced monthly.
  • The professional plan is $34 per user per month.
  • The enterprise costs $43 per user and can be completely customized.

Each of these options provides customers with limitless training and support.

Workzone Demo 

The Workzone demo is a comprehensive product tour that you can also request to view in action if you want to grasp the perspectives better.

Workzone Reviews 

The Workzone software has a rating of 4.3/5 on G2 and 4.5/5 on SoftwareAdvice. One of the reasons that users like it is because Workzone has a simple interface. They appreciate the customer service as well. However, the lack of complete control over assignments can often risk some projects.

Miro Software 

Key Features 

Product Management

Miro project management can assist you with product management concerns. There are excellent approaches for planning the launch of new items. You can begin by brainstorming with your team and then create anything.

It is critical to consolidate your vision, user feedback, and research. The infinite canvas is a place where inputs can be combined to generate coherence.

UX and Design

To begin, the Miro program allows you to track UX and design issues. When conversing with present or prospective consumers, you can obtain all the necessary information. You can utilize the information to create a product that your community wants. Key KRs (knowledge representations) can be mapped to show existing difficulties and how to fix them.


Miro offers team participation in real time. When you invite colleagues to see or change your boards and they are active on the board, their icons appear at the top. It works similarly to how collaboration works in any Google app. You can see their cursors in real time or hide them if you choose. Because boards can become rather large, a button brings you to any person’s cursor, allowing you to see what they’re doing and communicate quickly.

Product Development

Miro software enables the development of bespoke apps and connections. Data can be imported from databases, spreadsheets, and other third-party applications. Sprint epics can even be created with sticky notes. Prototypes can be created by sending drawings to design software.

Miro Pricing 

Miro prices are classified into five categories. The first plan is entirely free and gives you access to a restricted selection of services, including templates. Miro’s second plan is $8 and includes customizable boards. Miro Smart Diagramming and Meeting features are added to the third plan, which costs $16. The fee for accepting new clients is $12. Finally, the enterprise cost is computed based on the size of your company.

Miro Demo 

If you want to get the most out of your Miro membership, you should try out the demo. The application contains both a Miro demo and a blog to help you grasp the relevance and functional benefits of each.

Miro Reviews 

Miro software has received 4.8/5 on G2, 4.7/5 on GetApp, and 4.6/5 on Gartner. Users enjoy its brainstorming tool since it allows them to generate ideas online. They also like its automation features. However, the system occasionally slows down.

Final Remarks 

WorkZone offers a powerful tool and features for effective project management. It is simple to use and implement, and it standardizes workflows through the use of project request forms and project templates.

Miro provides you with a blank online canvas and a plethora of tools to fill it. Consequently, you have a one-of-a-kind and inspiring tool that makes it easy to collaborate, share, and showcase your work.

In the end, you must consider the requirements of your projects before making a final choice. To learn more about these tools, you can contact us to request for Workzone and Miro demo.



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