Those who are interested in good earning with less efforts it is good to go for the share market. It is the only option where one can trade with low investment and with moderate risk. The trader needs to have complete knowledge of this market as the way it is easy to earn it is easier to lose amount also. One wrong trade can spoil the profile of the trader in a few seconds and hence one needs to be extremely careful while going for this market. Doubtlessly it is a viable option if one has good knowledge of share market and trading options. Else one needs to learn that first and then go for the trading.

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How to trade?

For those who are not much aware of this market, this question is obvious. Well, to trade in the market first of all one needs to have a demat as well as a trading account. The demat account is for holding the shares while trading account is for those who want to keep on trading. These both accounts can be opened with the best stock trading company if one goes for little search in this market. One can also get them opened with a local broker who may have got franchise of a particular company in this market.

How to open the accounts?

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Those who want to open these accounts need to know the process of the same first. One needs to get the application form from the concerned broker and need to fill it. He also needs to provide documents as per the requirement. In some cases he has to bear the charges of account opening while in some cases they can be opened free of cost also. It may take around a week to get these accounts opened if everything is in order.

The types:

One can go for an offline or online account as per his needs. Those who want to go for the bulk trading the online trading can be a better option. The offline account is for those who want to go for one or two transactions a day or a week. The broker has different rates for brokerage when it comes to having an intraday and delivery trades. In intraday trades usually the brokerage rate is not that high while in delivery trade the brokerage may be high. The rate of brokerage also differs for those who want to go for online account as well as bulk trading. In some cases the broker can allow discount in brokerage to the clients who love to go for the bulk trading as they can offer more revenue although their brokerage rate is low.

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The client who prefers to have bulk trading it is better to go for the online account where he can take quick decisions and execute the order or cancel the same. He needs to act quick as he may get an opportunity to earn or save good amount for a few seconds only.